you breathe in.
open up your eyes to daylight, begin.
and start another life as you taste the wind.

it blows the dust away. you see the wreckage:
the queen lies vanquished; not a single living vestige
is there to be seen, and the world is so green.
the former slaves celebrate, now freed.

they sing of a hero whose miraculous deeds
will be told and retold throughout posterity.

you've got something, but that's nothing.
if you really want to jam, then raise the bunting
or head home. yeah, head wherever you please!
you've seen the underworld and survived the seas.

not bad for a young nobody!
the world is cruel; it can be so bloody.
but the world makes, and the world takes.
it's not fair, but it's a constant exchange.

there was a strange old man with a strange old plan.
hard to think that everything was happenstance.
there was a fight on a boat and a wave that was rogue,
a violent birth into the unknown,

a journey underground, a terrible sound,
some bots, a queen, a violent scream,
a memory of home with a flash of green,
what you've seen...

it will never be seen again.