chapter eight – the cave

you cautiously contort as you enter the cave.
a stream trickles by as the night overtakes the day.
adverbs, adjectives, they fail to describe
the many strange sights that overcome your tiring eyes.

bioluminescent mushrooms and glow worms, they guide you
as something new and strange stirs inside you.
this quest and this place make no sense at face value,
but something very odd does indeed seem to corral you

ever deeper. you start to see the creepers, the crawlers,
the tiny, eyeless fish and bottom trawlers.
suddenly, your heart begins to spasm
as the cave it opens up into an underground cavern:

moss, trees, crystals, streams, purple amethyst
jut forth here and somehow subsist.
even so, you're still in a crack in the earth,
you snap off a crystal and wonder at its worth.

instantly the ground starts to shake with a quake
you hear alarm bells ringing, drop the crystal, and it breaks.
oh shit, oh no, the way you came back in is closed.
you start to move across the room, and then you see the stream's frozed.

not frozen in ice, but in time the room's fixed.
the images around you slowly cease to exist.
the room's a dark, black trap and tells only lies,
and through the dark now you see pair upon pair of red eyes.

you search for an exit as the eyes draw near.
you have a vision of the constable standing on the pier.
you feel a knock on your head, and your knees start to go.
time will say nothing but i told you so.

but there's no way that i can go back.
the sea is blue and the past is black.
if i could see the future, i would let you know.
but time will say nothing but i told you so.